KYMCO Noodoe privacy policy


Only persons over the age of sixteen and with sufficient legal capacity to contract may use Noodoe.


When registering with Noodoe and using the application, you will have to provide a series of default personal data and there will be other data that you will can provide voluntarily.

  1. Data controller
  2. KWANG YANG MOTOR CO., LTD, located in the Republic of China (Taiwan), at Wan Hsing Street, 35, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung.

  3. Essential data used for the proper functioning of Noodoe
  4. Noodoe will keep the following personal information for the following period:

    • Email address.
    • Image, in case you make use of one in the application.
    • Geolocalisation
    • Use that the user makes of Noodoe.
    • Information about the device used.
    • Operating system and version.
    • Purpose:

      • Execute the application's functionalities.
      • Offer the user the services of Noodoe.
      • Provide a personalised service
      • Carry out those requests that the user makes within Noodoe.
      • Operation of customer service.
      • Conduct satisfaction surveys of Noodoe.
      • Protect the application and investigate and prevent fraudulent, unauthorised and/or abusive services or any other illegal activity.
      • Contact the user when strictly necessary.

    Similarly, Noodoe will access the image gallery of your mobile phone, the contacts stored in your mobile phone, the tool to make calls and the call history, the SMS tool of your mobile phone, the address of home, work or favourite saved in the app and those applications installed on your mobile to which you grant access.

    Noodoe will not keep this information but will perform a mere consultation treatment for the full operation of the application.


    • Analysis of user habits.
    • Collect information related to the service and statistical data.

  5. Optional data that Noodoe requests
  6. Telephone number

    Purpose: Telephone number and email address: to keep the user informed of Noodoe's activity, its services and products or the activity, services and products of Noodoe's partners.

  7. Cancellation of data
  8. The personal data of the users will be cancelled when they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected and the legally established deadlines for maintaining them have been met, as long as there is no legitimate interest on the part of Noodoe to keep them.

  9. Legitimation
  10. The legitimacy of Noodoe to access and/or preserve the necessary data is based on the need to use said data to be able to execute the mobile application. Not using such data would necessarily imply that the person could not use Noodoe.

    All data provided that are not necessary for the execution of Noodoe are based on the consent of the user, who may withdraw her or his consent when desired, which could lead to the assumption that the person will no longer be able to use Noodoe nor make use of all the functionalities

    In any case, the sending of communications related to the activity of Noodoe, its services and products or the activity, services and products of its partners is based on the user's consent, which may be withdrawn at any time.

    Noodoe has a legitimate interest in protecting the application itself.

  11. Recipients of personal data and international transfers of personal data
  12. Noodoe only communicates user data to its own suppliers, which are third parties who use this data for the sole and exclusive purpose of providing a service to Noodoe. This communication involves carrying out international transfers of personal data.

    Noodoe has entered into binding and enforceable agreements with these suppliers so that they comply with European data protection regulations.

    In no other circumstance does Noodoe provide data of its users to other third parties.

  13. User rights
  14. Users may submit a claim to the competent control authority on data protection if they consider that their rights have been violated.

    Users may exercise their rights of access to data, rectification or deletion of data, limitation of the use of data, opposition to the use of data and portability of data by sending your request to the email address


  1. Obligations and prohibitions of the user
  2. The use of Noodoe implies that the user has read and accepted without reservation the provisions included in this privacy policy published at the time of access.

    The obligations of Noodoe users are:

    • When personal data is collected through a form it will be necessary for the user to provide all the required data, otherwise Noodoe will not be able to manage the use of the application.
    • Keep the password and guard it with due diligence.

      The use of the password is personal and non-transferable, the assignment, even temporary, to third parties is not allowed. In this regard, the user must adopt the necessary measures for the custody of the password, avoiding disclosure to third parties. Consequently, the user is solely responsible for the use of her or his password, with complete indemnity for the editor.

      In the event that the user knows or suspects the use of their password by third parties, the user must change their password immediately.

    • All information provided by the user through Noodoe must be true. For these purposes, the user guarantees the authenticity of all the data communicated as a result of completing the necessary forms for the subscription of the services.
    • Similarly, it will be the user's responsibility to keep all information provided to Noodoe permanently updated, so that it responds at all times to their real situation. In any case, the user will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to Noodoe or third parties for the information provided.
    • If any of your personal information changes, you must update your profile in order to keep it permanently accurate.
  3. User registration with Noodoe
    • To be able to register the user, they must have an email address and use it in the registration process, associating it with a username and a password; subsequently, you must provide the information requested and accept the privacy policy.
    • Processing the registration involves providing personal data necessary for the functions and purposes described. The use of user data is focused on the performance of Noodoe services, always within the established regulatory framework.
    • Noodoe reserves the right not to approve or remove from the application those user profiles whose content is not consider appropriate for the application's characteristics and purposes, whenever it deems appropriate and without prior notice.
  4. Unsubscribing from Noodoe
    • The user has the right to unsubscribe without justification and without any penalty sending a request to the email address
    • Noodoe will terminate its relationship with the user unilaterally if the user breaches any of the obligations contained in this privacy policy.


  1. We attach great importance to the security of personal information. Without your consent, we will never provide your personal information to any third party that is not related to This Service. You shall also keep your account number and password confidential and not provide it to anyone.
  2. In order to protect the privacy and security of our members, the security mechanisms we adopt include:
    • All API designs and websites are encrypted, ensuring the security of data between users and websites
    • Using HTTPS with SSL authentication mechanism for transmission of all data
    • Use an Access token authentication mechanism with a fixed life cycle to confirm the applicant's identity
    • In order to maintain data integrity and correct access, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) functions are combined with the addition of the reading rules of Firebase database to control data access permissions
    • Regular detections against network intrusion and data theft
  3. In order to protect your privacy and security, we will do everything to ensure the security and integrity of systems and data operations with reasonable technology and procedures to prevent external attacks and intrusions and safeguard the security of all personal data. If it is necessary to entrust the related departments of the Company to provide services due to business needs, we will also strictly require them to abide by the confidentiality obligations and take the necessary inspection procedures to determine that they will comply.


Noodoe may act as a social network so the user can decide to share information with other users.

Noodoe is not responsible for the use that the user makes of the social network.

In the event that a user detects an abusive, fraudulent or illegal use of Noodoe, please inform us immediately so that Noodoe can take action.

You must have the consent of the third party to publish their photograph and are prohibited from publishing such images without such consent. Noodoe is not responsible for the images that a user may publish from third parties.


The date of the last update of this document is 30/11/2018

It is the responsibility of the user to review the last published update.

In the case of not being satisfied with the modifications made in the privacy policy, we ask that you unsubscribe from the service.