KYMCO Noodoe privacy

The privacy right policy (hereinafter referred to as “This Policy”) aims at explaining how Kwang Yang Motor. Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “us”) collects, uses, and shares the personal information on the users acquired by us from the application programs and services (hereinafter referred to as “This Service” or “service”). We shall duly observe all applicable laws to the collection of information from the users in due diligence and shall insist on our fundamental principles specified as follows for the collection, use, and sharing of related information on users.

We may amend This Policy at any time so as to comply with the applicable laws or upgrade the service quality for the users or due to any other reasons. We will notify users on the website of any major update of This Policy without prior notice. We strongly advise you to check for the updated version of This Policy at any time. Should you elect to continue to use our service, it shall be deemed that you have accepted and consented to This Policy after amendment. The time for the last update of This Policy was 2017/5/17.

I. The Information we collected

  1. Information on User IDs
    If you elect to use the service we provided and register with us to create your User ID, we will request you to provide your name and your e-mail address. Please make sure that the information you provided is completely true, as this is essential for us to manage the registration of your User ID (e.g., avoid the abusive or fraudulent use of This Service). We may contact you with the information you provided in the registration so as to send you essential information pertinent to This Service.
    We reserve the right to manage User IDs created under false information, including but not limited to direct deletion or revoking the user ID. Any untrue information provided will lead to the deletion of the ID, revocation of the ID, the failure to access essential information timely, or any other damage that may be caused. We disclaim any liability thereof.

  2. Information automatically collected when using This Service
    • Once you use the service we provided, we may automatically collect information on the service you use and on the activities in the service. We may automatically collect information including the time and date of your using This Service, your location, type and information on your device, the type and version of your operating system of your mobile device, the content of your viewing or service, and data exchange record with date inscribed.
    • Once your use the service we provided, we will automatically collect the information on the driving habits of users and related information, including but not limited to driving distance, average driving speed, and acceleration at starting. We will use this information for the analysis of the data on the driving habits of the consumers, and as reference for market survey and upgrade our service quality in the future.

  3. We may also use other similar kinds of methods (which will be defined below) to track related information on you. We may apply these methods to link any information collected by us and related to the information you provided to us, and any other information collected by us as provided by law which is related to you.
    • Report on data use and errors:
      Further to the automatic collection of information by us as mentioned, we will also collect unidentifiable data on the use and errors related to your access device in detail. Such information will help us to make improvements to This Service and the function of third party programs connected as an integral part of This Service.

  4. Other information that we may collect
    For your best experience in using This Service, we will provide additional functions. If you elect to use these functions, we may require you to provide the following types of information:
    • Telephone number [not required]
      We may use SMS to keep you informed of the kinds of products and activities we provided. This information is optional and will not be disclosed. Do not write down anything if you do not wish to receive information of this kind, or contact us to cancel the notice of this kind of information after filling in the information.

    • Gender [not required]
      You may elect to improve your personal profile by providing additional information. This information is optional for This Service and will not be disclosed.

    • Birthday [not required]
      You may elect to improve your personal profile by providing additional information. This information is optional for This Service and will not be disclosed.

    • Identifiable photograph [required]
      Should you wish to differentiate the identity with other users of This Service, you may provide your portrait or other pictures. This information is required for This Service and will be disclosed.

    • The telephone number of the contacts in your phonebook [required]
      In This Service, we will provide the function of tracking the incoming calls on the smart panel, and will show the information such as the names and the telephone numbers of the callers based on the information you kept in the phonebook of your communication device. We will not keep such information but any subsequent incoming calls will be searched and matched with reference to the electromagnetic log and will be displayed.

    • Information on mobile APP [not required]
      In This Service, we will provide a list of optional mobile APPs for your choice. You may choose the latest news from a few mobile APPs for display on your smart panel. We will not keep such information, but just reflect the information as displayed on your mobile device on the smart panel through This Service.

    • Information on positioning [not required]
      We will provide several functions through This Service (including but not limited to information on nearby shops, weather forecasting, and records on parking), which will require the information of your location. If you do not wish to provide the information of your position or share such information, please select to stop using this type of function.

II. Information available to collection by third party

We will provide you part of the function in the service by linking to third party programs. These third parties may collect specific information related to you, your device, and the service you used through This Service.
We cannot control the means of the third parties in the collection, use, or protection of your information. Accordingly, This Policy is not applicable to any third party and we disclaim any liability thereof. We strongly advise you to review the privacy right policies of these third parties and understand their means of collecting, using, or protecting your information.
We cannot entirely sever This Service with the third parties. The continued use of the service we provided shall be deemed your agreement with the privacy right policies of concerned third parties.

III. How we use your information

We will use the information we collected for the following purposes:
  1. Customer survey
  2. Analysis of the data on driving habits of users
  3. Response to our suggestions and questions, and provide customer service
  4. Provide you our personalized and customized service content.
  5. Protect, investigate and prevent fraudulent, unauthorized and abusive service or any other illegal activities
  6. Display the information and content for sharing you uploaded for This Service.
  7. Collect service related information and statistical data and comments as reference for our improvement and update the services or products.
  8. Provide you vital information on the products and activities related to us and to This Service.
  9. Link and integrate the information with the information collected by a third party for providing service in better quality;
  10. Send the information you chose to other users of This Service.
  11. Sort out the content shall be deemed an integral part of This Service.
  12. Duly observe applicable laws and perform the obligation in abiding with the law

IV. Sharing your personal information

You may disclose or share with specific persons of your creation, location or other information through This Service.
Please to keep your requirement of privacy right in mind when sharing or disclosing your information. We disclaim any liability to any information security issue derived thereof.

V. The storage and transmission of your information

Information will be processed and stored at our server. This server may be located in any country of the world. Your continued use of This Service shall constitute your agreement to transmitting your personal information across national boundaries, and the processing and storing of your personal information in any country beyond the country where you provided your information.
No electronic mean of transmission or data store method is unbeatably secure. As such, we cannot guarantee 100% security of your personal information in system transmission or storage or free from attack.

VI. How long will we keep your information

Your information will be retained as long as your User ID is valid. However, your information will be retained after the deletion of the User ID or revoked:
  1. As dictated by law.
  2. For the detection of inappropriate use or abusive use of This Service
  3. As reference for our improvement and update of This Service. This information will not be identifiable after proper treatment.

VII. Information for contact

Should you have any suggestion or require further information on the pursuit of This Policy, please contact use by mail to the following address.
Addressee: Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd.
Address: 80794 No. 35, Wanxing Street, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City